Classone as a bag manufacturer in Turkey with a production capacity of over 1.000.000 a year %100 domestic offers you thanks to the high level of experience; useful, functional, stylish, sturdy and economical bags. When producing bags, we pay attention to the needs of the Turkish costumers and we  consider the requests during the production carefully. Also, we follow the rapid changes and standards in the world and offer the same changes and standards simultaneously to our Turkish consumers and to you, our corporate brands.

Bag Production

A bag producer must identify the right needs of the costumers and should improve their designs conform with these needs. For example, the most important thing for a computer game enthusiast is to reach to the gaming accessories fast and those are well coordinated in the bag. Thus, it is important that Gaming Backpacks or Gaming Handbags have enough amount of pockets, the size of the pockets is enough for the accessories and the gaming accessories do not get any damage. It is vital importance for the customer to be happy to take consider these or similar details when manufacturing bags. As well as a bag manufacturer aims to produce a useful and functional bag, he also should gives attention to other details. These details are elegance of the design, a modern appearance, its durability, its functionality and the proportion of the price and quality. With the increase of durability and elegance, the price also increases. The price will be lower if there is a compromise from the durability. However, you appreciate that it is very important that your bag, which you have entrusted with your most precious items, is sturdy.We can proudly say that while producing bags this is the most important thing for us. While designing your bag in a solid way, thanks to the 100% domestic production we can offer you this quality with the best quality.

Promotional Bag

As a bag manufacturer, Classone also produces promotional bags for all types. Among our promotional bags there are: notebook bags, briefcases, backpacks, travel cases, sport bags, tablet PC bags, camera bags, make up bags, beach bags, shopping bags, belt bags, shaving kit bags, shoulder bags, Umrah / pilgrimage bags, thermal cooler bags, handbags, exposition bags, seminar bags, congress bags, school bags, emergency cases and more. Your desired logo or text are placed  on the promotional bags, we produce elegantly.