Classone is the domestic Turkish brand which  produces and growes day by day since  2006. Classone especially as a brand manufacturing bags, is continuing growing by expanding its product range with the supports which is provided by customers when trying to reach targets. With an annual production capacity over 1,000,000 pieces, more than 100 patented models (the design registration is protected by us) were produced especially for our consumers and leading corporate brands in Turkey and international companies which we work as a supplier. Our main bag groups; Backpacks, Hand Bags, Make-up Bags, Refrigerated Refrigerator Bags, school bags, picnic bags, belt bags,exposition bags, seminar bags, congress bags,  beach bags, thermal cooler bags, emergency cases, transparent bags, mother baby-bags, Special Design Bags (special designed bags for our customers) etc.

In the group serving IT sector is computer and telephone accessories so-called multimedia brought together with our high-quality products  the productions made in our overseas factory Keyboards, Wireless Mouse, Speakers, Notebook Coolers, Gaming Notebook cooling pads, Gaming Keyboards, Gaming Mouse, Cleaning Kits, In-Car Magnet Phone Holders, Powerbanks, Headphones, Gaming Headsets, Mouse Pads, Cat6 cables, Patch Cables, HDMI cables and variety products are sold mainly in the channel.

Classone continues its sales, thanks to its manufacturing and sale experience more than 10 years preferred in more than 4000 outlet is located in 81 provinces in Turkey. We continue to walk towards our targets.In this context, we especially appreciate our esteemed vendors, all of our sales points and our corporate firms who prefer us.

As a bag manufacturer, we produce all kinds of promotional bags with a production capacity exceeding 1.000.000 per year. Among our promotional bag species are: notebook bags, briefcases, backpacks, travel cases, sport bags, tablet PC bags, camera bags, make up bags, beach bags, shopping bags, belt bags, shaving kit bags, shoulder bags, Umrah / pilgrimage bags, thermal cooler bags, handbags, exposition bags, seminar bags, congress bags, school bags, emergency cases and more. Your desired logo or text are placed  on the promotional bags, we produce elegantly.