It is our bag model designed to carry your game consoles, games, accessories, joysticks and cables in an orderly and safe manner and produced in TÜRKİYE with the quality of the Classone brand.

As Classone Brand, we provide services by making special designs, ergonomic and useful products, and many developable and scalable designs. It is designed and manufactured in line with the needs to provide long-lasting performance.

While the WTXpro waterproof fabric we used in the Game Console Bag makes a difference with its quality, it will help you carry it safely with the durable materials used in its interior design.

You can safely carry your game consoles and accessories thanks to the game console bag model that is produced entirely in TÜRKİYE.

Game Console Bag Manufacturing

It is manufactured to be suitable for carrying on your travels, and shock-resistant material is used to prevent damage to your game console. As the Classone brand, we serve many sectors with our experience since 2006. Please contact us to get detailed information about Game console bags upon your request.