Classone ZEN730 15,6 inch Notebook Çantası - SiyahClassone ZEN730 15,6 inch Notebook Çantası - Siyah

Laptop Bag / Black

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Laptop Bag / Black

Laptop Bag / Black


GUARD series handbags produced in Turkey with Turkish designers to EUROPEAN standards. It will fascinate you with the quality of the CLASSONE brand and the standards it offers. The quality of the material used in the product and the frame supported by Guard +, which our brand has used for the first time in Turkey, are just a few of the features that reveal the difference of the extra protection bar.

Laptop Bag / BlackDesign and Safety information:

Carrying ergonomics providing shoulder or hand portability is presented.
Extra protection is provided with the protection bar feature.
Carrying a bag becomes enjoyable with its hand and shoulder carrying options.

Front design information:
Laptop Bag / BlackWith our product, which is on sale in Turkey at the same time as Europe, you can safely carry your Notebook with Classone difference. You will be able to experience quality and elegance together with the usage details in its front design.

Front pocket design:
Sport and comfort are preferred in the front design.
The width detail on the front pocket impresses you. Large volume front pocket where you can carry adapters, tablets or other items.

Laptop Bag / BlackInterior design briefing:

By opening the zipper of your bag, you can feel the elegance offered by the Classone brand more closely. With its full-opening feature, you can store and maintain your computer, files or tablet as you wish.

Back pocket design:

You are presented with different options with the back pocket design where you can easily access your files.


ULTRABOOK: 13, 13.3, 14, 15.6 inches
NOTEBOOK: 13, 13.3, 14, 15.6 inches
MacBook: 13, 13.3, 14, 15.6 inches
Dimensions External: 43 cm x 35 cm x 7 cm ±5% Weight: 1020 g ±5%
Ean: 8699261810224