Classone TBL-U100 Colorful Small Serisi 7,8-10 inch Çanta - SiyahClassone TBL-U100 Colorful Small Serisi 7,8-10 inch Çanta - Siyah

Colorful Small Series Case – Black

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Colorful Small Series Case - Black


Colorful Small Series Case - BlackMODEL: TBL-U100 – BLACK
The VIP Tablet Case series, prepared by our Turkish and Italian designers, was offered for sale in EUROPE and TURKEY at the same time.Colorful Small Series Case - Black





You make a difference with the VIP Tablet Case series specially designed by the Classone brand. With the fabric used on its outer surface, you can see the quality and feel the difference easily. Our model, which has a modern appearance, provides the opportunity to be used in all areas of your life.

Design Information

Our model, which is prepared as unisex, is specially designed for the use of men and women and can be preferred for our children as well.

It consists of 2 divisions.

Main Compartment;
Colorful Small Series Case - Black

You can store your tablet in the main compartment. A second compartment is designed inside. Pen, mini notebook, wallet, phone etc. You can place your tools here.
Colorful Small Series Case - Black

Front Pocket Design;

-In the front design of the bag, a sporty and soft-line design has been applied. A zippered pocket is designed with your phone, wallet and other accessories in mind.

Colorful Small Series Case - Black




As the Classone brand, we continue to design with your comfort in mind in every detail. The strap carrying system that grips the wrist is covered with artificial leather and can be used as a snap on the wrist. In this way, you can easily feel the ergonomics of carrying.

Colorful Small Series Case - Black

It is designed to be easily preferred not only for adults but also for children.

Ask for more with the VIP series. Classone meets you with its quality and difference.


Our product is compatible with tablets measuring 10 inches and below.
Dimensions External: 28 x 20.5 x 2 cm ±%5 Weight: 220 gr ±%5
Ean: 8699261813232