Neuer Trend-Serie TL3563 Laptoptasche / BlauNeuer Trend-Serie TL3563 Laptoptasche / Blau

Newtrend Series TL3563 Laptop Bag / Blue

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Newtrend Series TL3563	 Laptop Bag / BlueBlackNewtrend Series TL3563	 Laptop Bag / BlueGray

Newtrend Series TL3563	 Laptop Bag / Blue

Newtrend Series TL3563	 Laptop Bag / Blue


Are you ready to join the new trend? Yes, the NEWTREND handbag, used for the first time in Turkey with the Classone brand, produced in Turkey with the collaboration of Turkish and Italian designers, to EUROPEAN standards. The quality of the CLASSONE brand and the standards it offers will fascinate you. The colors in the product, the quality of the materials used, are just a few of the features that make the difference.

Newtrend Series TL3563	 Laptop Bag / BlueUse of Colors:
The meaning of colors and their effect on our lives are important in every aspect of our lives. As Ms Classone, we pay attention to these in our models. Another difference of our TL3563 model is the colors used. Blue color tones are preferred on the outer surface and front design. See what it represents.

Blue Color: It gives peace and serenity. It relaxes and provides peace of mind.

This combination will make you feel that the power is always in your hands and will support you to have high energy.

Design and Safety information:
Carrying ergonomics providing shoulder or hand portability is presented. Thanks to the special handle design and soft grips that make it comfortable to carry in the hand, carrying a bag becomes enjoyable.

Front design information:
Join the new trend with Square Design fabric specially produced for the Classone brand. With our product, which is on sale in Turkey at the same time as Europe, you can safely carry your Notebook with Classone difference. Thanks to the Square Design fabric feature, colors come to the fore more and offer a rich look. The blue color used in the front design increases the usage area of the bag. You can easily use it with your classic or sports clothes.

Front pocket design:

Newtrend Series TL3563	 Laptop Bag / BlueSporty and soft lines are preferred in the front design. When you open the zippered front pocket, the multifunctional pocket with the blue color combination used in the front design impresses you. Large volume front pocket where you can carry adapters or different items.

Newtrend Series TL3563	 Laptop Bag / BlueInterior design briefing:

-You can feel the elegance offered by the Classone brand more closely when you open the zipper of your bag. You will see a two-compartment design.

You can use your computer or tablet on the side you want and you can carry your other belongings in the other section.


ULTRABOOK: 15.6, 15, 14, 13.3, 13 inches
NOTEBOOK: 15.6, 15, 14, 13.3, 13 inches
MacBook: 15.6, 15, 14, 13.3, 13 inches
Dimensions and weight: External: 39.5cm x 29.5cm x 5cm ±5% Weight: 650 g ±5%
Ean: 8699261814000

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